Fitness Functional Training Program

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Trx Education Series – all levels

An International Certification that focus onto Equip Fitness Professionals With The Knowledge And Skills Required To Effectively Use The TRX® Suspension Trainer Themselves, such as:

  • Modify Exercise Intensity For Clients At All Levels Of Fitness, even for those who have poor physical condition
  • Describe Why Suspension Training Is Such A Unique And Powerful New Form Of Exercise,
  • Know how to adjust exercise resistance and stability levels to create appropriate challenges for anyone

TRX Continuing Educations Lv. 1:

  • TRX® Suspension Training Course
  • TRX® Group Suspension Training Course
  • TRX® Functional Training Course
  • TRX® Rip Training Course

TRX Continuing Educations Lv. 2:

  • TRX® Suspension Training Course for Sport Medicine
  • TRX® Suspension Training Course FORCE

Bosu, Kamagon & Surge Education Series – all level

The BOSU® International Certification focuses on the science, theory and practical information necessary to create safe and effective functional balance training workouts using BOSU® products. This Certification Course will give you the theory and science behind functional training, as well as new and exciting BOSU® exercises that can be used for one-on-one personal training or small group settings. Learn how to teach and coach a full workout consisting of 6 triplexes that focus on different components of fitness, as well as progressions and regressions for all levels of fitness.

BOSU Continuing Education:

  • BOSU® Personal Training
  • BOSU® Mind and Body
  • BOSU® Complete Workout System

Kamagon® Education

Surge® Dynamic Fluid Resistance Education

Trigger Point – all level

  • L1 – Roling
  • L2 – MCT